Getting Started

Stone WalrusWelcome to post #1.  I have managed to get my site up, including everything I had to do to be able to accept credit card payments.  There are so many things to do. I’ll go over them in individual posts.

Right now I have about 600 pictures on the site.  According to posts I’ve seen there are a number of things I should have in place to get the most views and good placement by the search engines (search engine optimization or SEO).  Most of the steps are pretty fast and easy.  Well, actually they are all pretty fast and easy.  The gotcha is that I need to add meta data to each photo!  Like the old saying goes, “nothing takes long but everything takes time”.  I am getting that done too.

I’ll try to update this blog with some regularity on progress, results, learnings, new images and anything else that seems to fit.

I’d love to get feedback and suggestion.  I do take all serious suggestions seriously.  Sometimes it just takes a while to get to them all.


Published by

John Feist Photography

I am a photographer in central New Jersey. My photography covers a number of categories, mostly nature, street, travel and black & white. I initially set up this blog to document my efforts at becoming a professional photographer. Since then I've expanded it to discuss topics that I think are relevant to good photography and occasionally document my travels and photographic adventures. Please feel free to comment, constructively, on any of my posts. I'm always open to honest criticism of my post or photography.

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